Jan 20, 2010


Eurodale Developments was selected as the official builders of the Dream Home for the 2010 National Home Show at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place in Toronto. The selection process was performed by Marketplace Events who interviewed numerous builders - just as a homeowner would do for their own project, and Eurodale was selected as the best choice to handle the extremely custom build.

This is the first year that the Dream Home will be built with the purpose of re-use. The project is set up as a contemporary build to allow for ease of transport to, into, out-of and away after the show.

Eurodale awarded the design component to Richard Librach Architect http://www.rlarchitect.com/ - a firm that Eurodale has colaborated with on several projects in the past. One such colaboration was recognized as the best renovation nominee for renovations in the $75,000 category for a Rosedale renovation (http://eurodale.ca/Gallery6.htm).

The National Home Show build is performed on site, inside the Direct Energy Centre in only 7 days, leaving the Eurodale crew a significant challenge! The home show runs from February 19th to February 28th, 2010. Discounted tickets may be purchased online at https://www.microspec.com/tix123/etic.cfm?code=NATHS2010.

As a real treat, Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover will be touring the home on Friday February 19th. Ty is a media partner of Marketplace Events and we are very excited to have him touring our home. Perhaps there may be an Extreme Home Makeover in Canada's future - don't worry, we are sure to suggest it to him!