Oct 27, 2011

Something to believe in

Last month the building industry lost a friend, mentor and leader.  Stephen Dupuis, President of the BILD Association, passed away unexpectedly, leaving a huge impact on our community.  Last week, Brendan's article "Giving us something to believe in" was published in the Toronto Star, expressing the impact Stephen had on his career and on Eurodale Developments.  If you missed it, you can read it here.


Oct 25, 2011

PROJECTS | Masonry for the Custom Build

We have been waiting for masonry to go up for weeks [as well as all the neighbours!] and finally it's here. 

When you are posed with a rectangular box, material selection and application make all the difference in setting your home apart from the rest of the neighbourhood.  The client, architect and Eurodale Developments searched for weeks for the right brick and stone combination - narrowing in finally on a 2" rough face varigated Indiana limestone coupled with a max size brown varigated brick from Hanson.  The combination in our opinion is quite spectacular and we can't wait to reveal the finished product.

Oct 24, 2011

Comparing Apples to Apples

The general rule of thumb when starting the process of a renovation to obtain multiple quotes.  We'd like to remind homeowners though, that they should be comparing apples to apples and and they should start by checking out RenoMark certified renovators.   Renomark is an organization of reputable builders, trades and suppliers in the renovation industry and is affliated with municiple home building associations across the country, such as BILD here in Toronto.  Only the true professionals abide by the CHBA code of Ethics and the RenoMark code of Conduct.

Several of our Renomark competitors are advertised alongside Eurodale in this online edition magazine called “Best Renos”.

Oct 21, 2011

PROJECTS | Custom Remodel Progress

In a few short weeks we've managed to finish all the demo at our custom remodel at 33 Kelso and the framing is now almost all complete, the trusses literally came flying in today.  The home has grown from 800 sf to nearly 1450 sf per floor, with ceilings increased on all floors including the basement.

Next up, windows, roofing and some brick and stone.

Oct 20, 2011

PROJECTS | Custom Build is moving right along

Over the last few weeks our progress at the custom home build has been progressing with some speed.

The steel went up for the rear concrete porches and they were poured, causing quite a commotion on site and disturbing traffic for a short while.

The ductwork, plumbing and electrical were all run creating a circuitry of pipes and chases throughout the house.


And just in time for the cooler weather that has approached, we've insulated.  Opting for as tight a seal as possible, we have completed spray foamed the house.

Stay tuned as this house continues to take shape.

Oct 18, 2011

The Next Generation of Design-Builders

Last week, Brendan and Sarah gave a tour of our custom build to five architecture students from George Brown College.  It was a great experience to pass along our knowledge of building to these next generation builders who had lots of questions and enthusiasium on site.  We were able to pass along some of the techniques we used with the wood frame and steel construction, the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems and the foam insulation application and drywall.  They even got a sneak peak of some of the finished masonry work that was underway on site.

We wish them all the best of luck with their classes and welcome them back to monitor the progress on site.

Oct 14, 2011

A week's worth of treats!

Our clients' Laurie and Brian continue to amaze us with the treats that seem to get more and more elaborate as their project comes to a close... are they trying to tell us something?