May 27, 2013

Non-Invasive Facelift Surgery - for the home.

You may have heard Dr. Oz and others talk about these procedures, neighbourhood gossip types spreading rumours about whether or not 'She' or 'He' had some "Work Done". Well the team at Eurodale Developments recently executed a drammatic facelift at a home in the Rouge River Valley in Scarborough that has all the neighbours talking.

Pictured below, you can see that the original home had a mish-mash of styles and finishes. The 80's angled-bay window and low-curved front entry made the facade fairly confused. After minor structural changes to the portico, creating a higher, squared arch, as well as re-building the bay into a Box-Bay style feature created subtle but necesary changes. A new skirt roof over the existing garage added depth and texture, as well as the ability to integrate some critical accent and utility down lighting across the garage face for evening dramatics.

New stone cladding, coupled with complementing James Hardie Cement fibre siding was a more durable finish than the old painted wood trim and stucco system. Given the property backed onto Lake Ontario, the colouring allows for insect accumulations without showing the dirt as it did on the former white backdrop. A new taller custom door system opened up the existing entry to light and also created the colour "pop" required to showcase the front door against the large 2 car garage door which was so previously dominant.

All of this work was performed with very minor impact to the interior living space. Now the home is inviting to drive up to, easy to maintain, and has updated the look for current enjoyment and future resale. Our phone has been ringing off the hook as a result of the success of this project! Think of what Eurodale Developments could create for you home's face...