Jun 10, 2013

What's The Crack Toronto?!? (a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland - not what you're thinking!).

All this talk about Crack in the Toronto News has made us think of the common Irish slang - What's The Craic? (pronounced Crack). The typical reply is "Nothing Much"...not very exciting of course. 
When we thought about all that's Crackin' for the Irish builders at Eurodale this spring - the reply 'nothing much' would be less appropriate. So...we decided to take a little snapshot of what is actually happening at Eurodale as of last week. Makes me wonder how we have a social life! Have a peek below... 

Project #1: Pouring concrete deep undeground to offset bad soil conditions on site.
Site Above: 23 Gurney Crescent: We are keeping the Engines of Industry moving! Around the corner from our office in Toronto's Design-Decor District, we are drilling 25ft deep caissons to support a 4500 sqft warehouse addition. This is a warehouse for one of our suppliers - Octopus Products who supplies laminates to the building industry. Employed in this photo are the soil engineer, structural engineer, riggers, excavators and concrete suppliers...plus Brendan Charters from Eurodale I guess, since he took the photo while supervising the site work. 

Project #2: Day one, demolition of the carport in Etobicoke in February.
Stone and windows installed on new Master suite and Vestibule, James Hardie siding - here we come!.
Site Above: 11 Foxcote Cres: We are transforming the home on the left to the home on the right. The owner's are without a doubt some of the most excited clients we've ever had. Its a thrill to see them react as the project takes shape - Master suite addition and main floor reno that is going to completely change the way the family lives in the space!   

Project #3: Cute Bungalow Before Eurodale designed gut renovation

The entire inside is being gutted - all except for that beauty fireplace!
Site Above: 564 Roselawn Ave: This original 40's bungalow is currently under a complete gut and update which will bring it both structurally, mechanically and aesthetically into the 21st century. All this while maintaining its original aesthetic charm on the outside (historically sensitive Pella windows will ensure so).

Project #4: Tired Mid-Century home before Levitt Goodman Architect designed Eurodale project in Bloor West Village

Post and beam dream machine: Steel and wood combine to make a rock solid 3 storey contemporary home in Toronto.
Site: Above-16 Brule Gardens: Levitt Goodman Architects have designed a Mid-Century Modern 'STUNNER' to this original home in Bloor-West Village. This massive project undertaking is finally taking shape. The crew who worked all winter on the steel erection and post and beam framing is happy to see the warmer weather and less bitter cold winds from the lake! 

Project #5: Day one - taken at the first design meeting.
Not ready for final photos yet, but the stone, brick and siding really ties these additions together well.
 Site Above-163 Wellesworth: Designed and Built in house at Eurodale, we are quite proud of this top up project in Etobicoke. Matching original brick and integrating a new garage and improved front entry curb appeal was a key project driver. Its more than just adding square footage. Its quality and function of space that makes this project special.   

With those five amazing transformation projects underway, our renovation section is hopping! All of that work is actively happening right now - and that's excluding our Custom Homes and exciting Design work currently in development. We will update you on that in the coming blog posts.

Keep your eye out for our signs - it feels like they are everywhere!
The Boys from Eurodale.

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